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Worknc v24 crack 無料ダウンロード.インテリジェント3Dマシニングエンジン WORKNC

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WORKNC V24 includes enhancements to its Rest Material Display function, which has been transformed into an analysis tool that helps CAM programmers reduce machining prepara- tion time. The upgraded function enables users to rapidly evaluate various amounts of rest material left on any given model according to user-defined color ranges. This latest version also offers a new collision-detection algorithm with faster calculation abilities, and that takes into account the machine, the toolpath and the clamping system.

In response to machining conditions recommended by cutting-tool manufacturers, WORKNC V24 delivers enhanced toolpath safety. For 5-axis ma- chining, the Auto5 module will determine the best possible conditions for a user-defined cutting tool.

Special attention has been given to machining with small cutters to optimize cutting conditions for features such as ribs and narrow slots. WORKNC toolpaths undergo regular and comprehensive reviews to ensure that users benefit from the most efficient algorithms and the latest machining technologies. This has been achieved by obtaining greater precision in detecting the areas, both vertical and planar, to be re-machined.

Z-Level machining is used on vertical areas and planar surfaces are machined using contour- ing strategies. The new variable Z-step option generates smoother trajectories along with enhanced optimization, offering improved surface-finish quality and further gains in productivity. Additional STL file-processing options are also a new feature of WORKNC V A new intelli- gent function based on the detection and organization of specific feature zones allows dif- ferent elements to be grouped together.

This can facilitate machining portions of the STL model or creating curves from the STL model. Home sitemap. English United States. WORKNC Version 24 All the core values on which its reputation has been built since are ever-present: rapid and automatic programming, safe and reliable toolpaths and high performance machining.